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Class Inquiry for children age 6 years old above, please contact us. We provide Mandarin classes for elementary schools in Manhattan and our curriculum carries up to 12 years old.
Fun with Mandarin
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Fun with Mandarin class is for children age two to five years old. Children will learn Mandarin in structured and un-structured play, music, story time with the Owl, children theater, themed activities and art projects.

Monrning Program
2’s Program
3’s Program
Unit 1(2/2 – 2/14) Chinese New Year 歡慶中國新年 Unit 1(2/2 – 2/14) Chinese New Year 歡慶中國新年
Unit 2(2/3 -3/7) Le carnaval des animaux動物狂歡節
Jungle Jungle叢林動物樂趣多
Unit 2 (2/16-3/21) The Chubby King & Skinny Queen
Unit 3(3/9 – 3/21) Who is Here 誰來了
Good Manner我是乖寶寶(生活技能)
Project (3/23-28) Special Project Project (3/23-28) Special Project
Unit 4 (4/13-5/2) Rainbow Village 彩虹村
Is that Rain? 唏哩唏哩 嘩啦嘩啦
Unit 4 (4/13-5/2) Jack & the Beanstalk
Unit 5 (5/4-23) I love my family 我的家人
Are you a Little Helper? 你是小幫手嗎?
Unit 5 (5/4-23) Happy Family
Unit 6(5/26-6/13) Under the Sea I & II
Unit 6(5/26-6/13) Blue Ocean Blue Me
Project (6/13-20) Special Project Project (6/13-20) Special Project

After School Program

Age 3-4 Program
Age 4-5 Program
Unit 1(2/2 – 2/14)
Chinese New Year 歡慶中國新年 Chinese New Year 歡慶中國新年
Unit 2(2/16-3/21)
I’m a Big Helper 我是幫忙小高手 Adventure in the Hunger Mountain 飢餓島大冒險
Project (3/23-28)
Special Project Special Project
Unit 3 (4/13-5/2)
Dance in the Spring 和春天共舞 It’s about the seeds 子,種子,西瓜
Unit 4 (4/13-5/2)
It’s about Love 爸爸的紅雨傘 Guess how much I love you 猜猜我有多愛你
Unit 5 (5/4-23)
Blue Ocean Blue Me 水底世界樂悠遊 The World of Sound 聲音的世界
Project (6/13-20)
Special Project Special Project
Fun with Mandarin-Music
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Fun with Mandarin –Music class is a playful 45-min class for caregivers and children age from 6-month-old to 2 year olds. Children and caregivers will enjoy the bounding time while learning Mandarin in musical way.

Unit 1 咚咚咚 鏘鏘鏘 Celebrate Chinese New year
Unit 2 中國十二生肖Animals in Chinese Zodiac
Unit 3 西部農場Cow Boys & Coy Girls
Unit 4 河馬不是馬 Hippopotamus? or Horse?
Unit 5 小兔子乖乖 Happy Bunny Happy Mommy
Unit 6 誰在飛 Who is Flying
Unit 7 亮晶晶的世界 Sparking World
Unit 8 水世界 Sea World
Mandarin Story House
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Mandarin Story House is an hour-long class filled with themed play, interactive story time, make-believe, and imagination and hands-on projects. This class is designed for children age four to eight years old. Kids get to learn Mandarin and have fun with Chinese Fairies!

Unit 1 : 鬥年獸 The Chinese Nian
Unit 2 :十二生肖的故事Animals in Chinese Zodiac
Unit 3:愛吃水果的牛 The Cow Falls in Love with Fruit
Unit 4:卡諾小鎮的新朋友 The New Friend from the Village
Unit 5 : 大鬼小鬼圖書館 The Little Naughty in the Library
Unit 6:我的頭毛好捲 I have Curly Hair
Unit 7 : 沒毛雞 Chicken without Feather
Unit 8 : 紅公雞 Red Rooster
Creative Chinese Dance
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  • Age 4-7 years, 45 min
    Warm up with creative movement and learn simple Mandarin concept
    Dance with Chinese handkerchief Dance (八角巾) & Bamboo head(斗笠)
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