Mimi Lin
Founder/Creative Director

  • M.A. Columbia University
  • Ph.D., ABD in Music Education, Pennsylvania State University
  • Specialty:Creativity and Play Studies;Sound, Music & Language;
  Early childhood Education in Multicultural Context; Music Play

Mimi is a creative teaching artist and researcher. Her doctrinal research has primarily involved young children and creative approaches to music and language learning in multicultural environments. Mimi strongly believes that optimal learning occurs when young children are fully engaged in creative and fun, yet also challenging tasks. With her deep understanding of the mechanics and psychology involved for teaching young children, Mimi strives to provide every child at Language Beans a playground where they will effectively learn Mandarin in a natural, artistic, and creative way.

Beyond being the Founder and Creative Director of Language Beans, Mimi has taught at Columbia University and Pennsylvania State University. It was at these academic institutions where she built her foundations for creative learning models and supervised student teachers in early childhood education. Mimi's academic scholarship includes giving speeches and presenting workshops across the country and around the world. She has been privileged to work with, and share her expertise with, such groups as the Music Education National Association, Society for Ethnomusicology, and International Society for Music Education.

During her leisure time, Mimi enjoys scuba diving with her husband, Eric and spending time with Nemo the clownfish and their friends under the sea!

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