Kou Chen


  • B.F.A. in Cartooning, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

Kou has years of leadership experience from running student organizations, managing events, and guiding students through new surroundings. Making positive change to the learning environment has been always an important goal for Kou.

Growing up in California, spending almost a decade in Taiwan and China, and studying multi-languages (English, Mandarin, Japanese) have helped Kou to create a multi-cultural life experience and develop unique communication skills. Before Language Beans, Kou had coordinated a comics festival of 80 exhibitors, co-edited a comic anthology, and self-published several works that were well received at multiple conventions.

"All kinds of creative arts have changed my life in ways I never would've expected. I think that no matter what path a child takes later on, it is important for them to experience the arts. It is an irreplaceable experience that we can't necessarily see, but makes the biggest difference."-Kou